Kuhse lifting solenoids for diverse industries

Move, switch, lock, secure - Kuhse lifting solenoids constitute an efficient design basis for the assured execution of many different movements by means of electromagnetic actuators. As universal lifting solenoids, the diverse DC-lifting solenoids are utilised both in machinery construction as well as in agricultural machinery and foodstuffs technology.

Through the installation of rectifiers in the terminal boxes or device connectors, it is possible to connect the lifting solenoids with all conceivable voltages. By energising the solenoids an electromagnetic force application is generated, which moves the anchor to its end position.

Lifting solenoids are available to our customers in a range of designs: Small linear solenoids, double linear solenoids, stopping solenoids and reversal lifting solenoids as well as lifting solenoids with strokes greater than 40mm form the basis of this comprehensive range.

We place great value on the maximum satisfaction of our customers and realise customer-specific solutions from very small unit quantities.