Norms and standards

Solenoids according to DIN VDE 0580

The design, production and testing of electromagnetic devices is based on the German national standard DIN VDE 0580.

All devices specified in our brochures and lists meet the requirements of the above standards.
In accordance with these standards, the above operating conditions are considered normal for ensuring the correct function and safety of the devices according to DIN VDE 0580.

Implementation of international norms and standards

In addition, DC solenoids can be certified according to other international norms and standards. They include common standards of UL and CSA as well as approvals in the ATEX area.

Only the operator himself can ensure compliance with EMC directives, however. Compliance must be ensured through the correct installation and connection options. In particular, energy stored in the coil dissipates when the solenoid is switched off. The resulting voltage peaks may cause damage.

Note on the CE marking

In order to completely fulfil their function, DC solenoids must be installed in a system, machine or similar. Since we as a solenoid manufacturer cannot conclusively know and assess the installation situation, we cannot provide pure DC solenoids with a CE label.

In this context, we refer to our operating instructions with additional instructions for operating and maintaining DE solenoids.