Mechanical installation and inspection

Mechanical installation

Depending on the type, the DC solenoids are available with different mounting types, such as flange, central or lateral fastening. The unit may only be mounted at the designated locations to make sure that the solenoids are not mechanically damaged.

With lifting solenoids, it must be ensured that the radial forces on the drawbar are kept low, because the service life of the bearings can otherwise be significantly affected.

Functional inspection

All solenoids are tested to ensure that they function correctly before shipping.

Safety test

All solenoids are also subjected to a safety test according to VDE 0580. In this test, each coil is tested for its dielectric strength against the solenoid body. The test is performed with sinusoidal voltage. The voltage level is based on the operating voltage and is defined in the standard VDE 0580.

Any necessary repeated voltage tests (e.g. for final testing of devices with built-in magnets) are allowed with a maximum load of 80% of the voltage defined in VDE 0580. Otherwise, the magnet can be damaged.