Electrical terms, connection and operation

Supply voltage

For Kuhse DC solenoids, the "standard voltages" include 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 205VDC and 230VAC. We also offer all other voltage variants, if they are technically possible.

The permissible voltage fluctuation is UN +10%/-10%

Thermal current

During operation, the solenoid heats up to its steady-state temperature, depending on the operating mode and ambient conditions. Thermal current refers to the current, which occurs at the solenoid's steady-state temperature. Since the coil heats up and its resistance simultaneously changes, the thermal current is lower than the cold current.

Test current

According to the standard DIN VDE 0580, the solenoid's force travel characteristic curve is determined with 90% of the thermal current. This is referred to as test current.

Electrical connection and operation

Lifting and holding solenoids can be supplied in several electrical connection variants depending on the various possible applications:

  • Connection by loose wires that are directly routed out of the solenoid
  • Connection via a multi-pole terminal mounted on the solenoid body
  • Connection via an appliance connector according to DIN 175301-803, complete with the corresponding plug; when connecting the unit to AC voltage, the corresponding rectifier insert is installed in this plug housing
  • Connection via a mounted terminal box with cable entry; a corresponding rectifier is also installed in this housing for connecting AC current

The solenoids must be connected to smoothed DC voltage according to rating plate. The supply can also be provided via a bridge rectifier. The DC voltage polarity is generally irrelevant. In this case, the connecting wires or connectors are not specially marked.

When using appliance connectors, a PE connection is always provided in the pin insert. With "safety extra-low voltages" which do not allow protection through the earthing (class I), the contact is connected to the housing and only serves as a potential compensation.