Kuhse spreading and double-spreading solenoids for high availabilities

Brake lifting solenoids from Kuhse offer absolute assurance for heavy-duty brakes in industry and passenger transport.

Brake lifting solenoids are almost entirely designed as spreading and double-spreading solenoids. The basic configuration here is that of a linear solenoid. Through alignment of the internal magnet design, the stroke-length characteristics required in brake construction are generated and the spring characteristics overcome.

Our many years of experience with numerous manufacturers of technical springs in a wide range of designs enable us to tailor the magnets to the requirements of our customers.

In lift production in particular - although also in the manufacturing industry and logistics - high availability is a fundamental prerequisite for effective system operation. Our comprehensive and wide ranging stock of finished solenoids, in conjunction with our cooperation with world-leading logistics companies, allows our customers access to a rapid supply of spare parts at short notice.